December 7, 2023

Ryan + Amanda


Louisville Wedding Photographer

What a better way to celebrate a Louisville Wedding Photographer’s last wedding of 2023 than heading back to one of the city’s most popular wedding venues. Mellwood Art Center‘s Pigment Gallery was the perfect backdrop for Ryan and Amanda’s intimate ceremony and reception.

Til Death Do Us Part

Ryan and Amanda’s wedding was extra special because I shot my first non-white wedding dress! She wore a gorgeous gown that she hand dyed herself. It fit perfectly with the “Til Death Do Us Part” decor. I don’t think everyone could pull off a black wedding dress but Amanda was a stunning bride. Ryan was also dressed to the nines. One of the most well dressed grooms that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Truly obsessed with his bedazzled loafers.

Symbolic Hand-Fasting Ceremony

Ryan and Amanda were my 23rd wedding this year (CRAZY) but I have to say, their ceremony was one of my favorites. Unique ceremony elements are hard to come by when you go to weddings as often I do. Their ceremony featured the hand-fasting ceremony, a Celtic tradition in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. Amanda and Ryan’s vows were incredibly heartfelt and the infinity knot that was created by the cords was a really symbolic touch. And of course, they sealed the deal with a kiss.

Artistic Backdrop = Artistic Portraits

As a Louisville wedding photographer, I’ve visited Mellwood many times. I sometimes find it hard to shoot there, especially with couples in more traditional wedding attire. Thankfully, Ryan and Amanda’s all black look opened a whole new set of opportunities. We stumbled upon a set of concrete stairs on the side of the building that was covered in graffiti and practically falling apart. As I was imagining the perfect shot in my head, Amanda pointed out the same spot to me giving me the go ahead to place them in the unconventional location. On top of the industrial vibes of Mellwood, the Pigment Gallery also had a colorful and fun collection of art displayed that gave all of the photos a little pop of novelty.

Louisville Wedding Photographer Wraps Up 2023

I have had such an incredible year of weddings and had the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients. Amanda and Ryan were a perfect couple to wrap up my busy year of weddings. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and an incredible first holiday season as husband and wife!

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Louisville wedding photographer decor
Louisville wedding photographer close up black and white
Louisville wedding photographer close up hand details
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Louisville wedding photographer cake cutting
  1. Ryan says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful photos, you really captured how special and fun that night was! The industrial setting was perfect and you really used it beautifully. Also, lots of praise on Facebook when I finally got around to posting! Not to mention our engagement photos which were just how we pictured them. Thank you!


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