August 19, 2023

Louisville Boudoir Model in black and white

Louisville Boudoir Photography Client Experience


black and white Louisville boudoir model laying down

MM Photo Co. + Boudoir Photography = The Perfect Combo

At the beginning of 2023, I took the leap of faith and began offering Boudoir Photography here in Louisville. Let me tell you – this is a game changer for my business and for my personal development. I love walking with women as they boost their confidence.

Now that I have several amazing boudoir clients under my belt, I am thrilled to share their stories on the blog! I think with boudoir photography more than anything, clients are nervous and they want to hear from real life clients to know what to expect. If you are interested in Louisville Boudoir Photography, keep reading!

Before Your Boudoir Session

Katie is one of my spring 2024 brides and I was so excited that she booked my March boudoir marathon. When you book a boudoir session, I send you a boudoir prep guide that gives wardrobe tips and information about my process. I also send a link to my Pinterest Board. I encourage my clients to build their own mood board of photos they are drawn to. This helps me see what kind poses you are most drawn to.

All of the information up front is to help ease your nerves. As a type A person myself, I love resources to help me prepare for a new situation. My resources answer all of those frequently asked questions. Katie shared with me that was super helpful.

“I was pretty nervous prior to the shoot. However, Madison provided me with SO MUCH helpful information about outfit ideas, skin prep, etc. Most importantly, she emphasized that the best boudoir session is doing whatever you are most comfortable with!”

Katie’s Boudoir Experience

I get it – standing practically naked in front of a stranger can be incredibly vulnerable. I try my best to make each of my clients feel comfortable throughout the entire session. Nothing about the process feels natural. To combat this, I play music and talk you through every pose. Usually, clients come in a bucket full of nerves. Halfway through the first outfit, they are already feeling more relaxed! Katie agreed – “The session felt so natural and I was so comfortable the entire time. It showed in the pictures!”

My favorite part of boudoir is that every single client that I’ve worked with leaves the session with a newfound sense of self confidence. Katie says, “My boudoir experience has increased my confidence so much! It has allowed me to see myself as a beautiful and confident woman, and I’m so thankful to have this new perspective.” This is the whole reason I started shooting boudoir! As a woman who has struggled with body image and self confidence, I feel so lucky to help women heal that relationship with their own bodies.

Katie’s Advice to Future Boudoir Clients

Katie’s advice for anyone on the fence about booking their boudoir session: “DO IT. Do not talk yourself out of it by saying you need to wait until this happens, or until you look like this, or any of those other thoughts! You are going to look stunning in your pictures. Madison is keen to the things you want to show off and the things you’d rather not emphasize. She tailors the shoot completely to you and your preferences. You will not regret doing this!”

If Katie’s story didn’t convince you, take a look at some of her GORGEOUS photos that she has given me permission to share. If you are interested in booking a boudoir session with a Louisville Boudoir Photographer – check out my boudoir experience page HERE.


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